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The Balance website has a very nice collection of Halloween wallpaper just ready to scare you or make you laugh. Either way, you can choose from 43 different images. When you find an image you would like to use, be sure to click on the More link to actually visit the download sites. This step allows you to download the correctly sized image for your display.

How to Find the Awesome Wallpaper Images Hiding on Your Mac

Stop by GraphicFreebies. Haunted houses, skeletons, witches, cats, and trick-or-treaters can adorn your desktop. It has just the right amount of spookiness without being horrific. Ilona Melis has a flair for capturing the light and shadows of Halloween in these oldies but goodies. Four desktop images are available, grouped in two downloads.

10 Websites for Stunning Cool HD Mac Desktop Backgrounds in 12222

The first download includes 'Ghost' and 'Dungeon. These highly detailed and stunning images are a fun and easy way to decorate your Mac desktop for Halloween. American Greetings offers 16 different wallpapers for Halloween. The wallpapers are lighthearted—just the thing for the family Mac. The collection includes some great offerings.

Favourite wallpapers that look great on the 2016 MacBook Pro 15 inch

And of course, if you set the wallpaper from Safari but have since been unable to track down the file or image, you can locate that file with this trick. Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox!

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Enter your email address below:. You have provided an interesting, if not essential, view into OS X, with your discussion of Desktop Pictures. However, to do that, the picture has to be.

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  7. If it is bigger, Onyx or Deeper will allow you to change the login screen background. Per the developers, use a. Modifying the folder mentioned to either add a picture or convert one from. To that most have to disable the csrutil through Terminal. If enabled, which it should be, type csrutil disable.

    Now you can through Get Info grant yourself the permission for the folder and individual contents. Toss in your favorite picture, modify existing pictures, whatever. I would not re-enable it.

    Wallpaper Wizard 2

    While all of the above are great sources for new wallpapers to dress up your desktop, sometimes the best sources are the ones you install on your computer, forget about, and just let the wallpapers come to you. For more on these, and some more options, check out this rundown of apps and tools to keep your wallpaper fresh. For even more, check out this post at Big Think , with direct links to the archive of over , images that the Metropolitan Museum of Art, as well as images from the National Gallery in Washington DC, the Google Art Project, and other museums around the world. For more, check out our Weekend Roundup and Top 10 tags.

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    10 Great Websites for Cool HD Mac Desktop Backgrounds in

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    Using Google Images for Desktop Backgrounds (Wallpapers)

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