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will the ATI Radeon HD 5870 work in a Mac Pro 3,1 8 Core early 2008

Graphics Cards 0 Friday at 2: Graphics Cards 2 Friday at 4: Graphics Cards 0 Thursday at 7: Similar threads Z. Graphics Cards. Started by SFenney Friday at 2: Started by jsuppan Thursday at 7: PSU tier list 2. Moderators online. Top Bottom. Sunday at 4: Question Graphic card gb's problem. Saturday at Question Can i install radeon software with this card. Saturday at 7: Question Windows Night light not working with Radeon drivers.

Mac Pro Graphics Card Upgrade-Nvida Geforce 8800GT

Friday at 7: Friday at 4: Question Help with GPU boot?? Friday at 2: Question Radeon hd won't get recognised. Friday at Thursday at 7: No one mentoned that. As far as performance, I have to write back later as I am in the process of touble shooting my Cinema Display. Date published: Response is quite nice Have noticed there is some jitter in Final cut Canvas during playback. But I don't think I can fault the display adapter for that. Because of the power requirements of this video card it requires both pci-e power ports , it limits the number of displays to 3, but that is all i really need.

Haven't noticed an extreme improvement in quality, but it does look nice. This is one powerful card. I just wish Apple didn't put such a ridiculous price premium on these cards.

Apple MCZM/A (*) ATI Radeon HD Graphics at kucegeceto.gq

The Windows version is way cheaper. Very smooth installation and substantial speed increase.

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I bought it to use Final Cut Pro X more effectively, and it succeeds. Prices for this model are a bit higher everywhere than they should be given that the card is older. But they're not so high as to be prohibitive. After all, there aren't a lot of choices beyond this one, unless you open the door to faster cards and start zapping the PRAM or ROM or whatever it is on PC-marketed cards.

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You won't waste your money if you buy this one. Rated 5 out of 5 by gixxerthou04 from Exceptional! The stock Nvida video card that came with my Mac Pro simply could not do the job. Every frame would stutter or stop and start erratically while editing in Final Cut Pro.

Know your Mac Pro's Model

Thank you. Rated 5 out of 5 by Feargal from Actually works in early models too I have an aging 3,1 mac pro that really needed bringing up to scratch in terms of VRAM - I knew she'd never zip along that fast but after upgrading to a few SSDs, boosting the RAM the main task left was to upgrade the 2xMB cheesy cards she came with.

Installation was ridiculously simple. Slide in, presto - not so much as a tricky moment and the actual card itself is a rugged wee box with a big handle so it's all good. Once I had it installed, there was a quick bit of hacking required to get after affects and premiere CC to use the card - some CUDA stuff works a little, some just isn't supported cos of the low speed RAM in the machine but I do appear to be getting strange improvements in Render time etc. Photoshop picks it up and uses it, no problem - and games look great. All in all, for a 3,1 this is a real good move, I'd recommend.

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